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Winterizing Your Boat

Winterizing is more than just freeze-protecting your boat. It is also preparing your boat for an extended period of non-use. Texas winters are unpredictable. You can have a balmy 70° afternoon followed by a hard freeze within a day or two. One hard freeze can cost you over $10k per engine. Even though last winter was somewhat mild, there was still one afternoon when we were trying to drain boats that had covers full of ice and engine lids that were literally frozen shut. There was less than 24 hours warning before that freeze. In previous seasons we have had numerous boats that were damaged due to freezing temperatures which could have been prevented. Even if it does not freeze, winterizing your boat can prevent many problems in the spring such as a flooding carburetor, a stuck fuel injector, a dead battery or gallons of fuel going bad. These are just samples of problems you could encounter in the springtime if your boat was not properly prepared for storage. Most of these problems cost much more to fix than simply winterizing the boat. Rather than worry about these things, let our team protect your boat for you and provide you peace of mind. Planning to use your boat throughout the winter? No problem, an alternative to “winterizing” is our “Monthly Winter Maintenance Program”. You will still be able to use your boat and have it protected too. This is even more beneficial if you live out of town or will not see your boat for a long period of time. Some customers have us do a “year-round” version of maintenance just for this reason.

Winterization Request Form

Office: 830-266-9363  Email: [email protected]

Note: Credit Card must be on file before Winterization will be scheduled

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    Prices do not include 6% shop supply fee or sales tax.

  • Drain block, manifolds, pumps, and hoses. Treat fuel system and fog engine. Disconnect battery when applicable. Placement of mold prevention packs and tag steering wheel. Boat will need to be de-winterized in the spring. (Separate charge)
  • You can use your boat throughout the winter. The boat is winterized and tagged but left ready to run. Anytime you use the boat during the program period just drop off the winterization tag in our mailbox or ship store. We will re-drain the boat and replace the tag. We start the boat, check the systems, and re-drain once a month. Anything unusual or needing attention is reported to you.
  • Prices are subject to change. Call if you have any questions.

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